The moment you have decided to replace your current machinery you will face the following question: Will you buy or lease the machine/machines?

mateco Netherland could offer you a couple of leasing solutions. All the solutions are made based on the needs of your situation and discussed together.

Tailor made lease solutions

If you opt to lease, you should realise that this is in fact debt capital financing. Consequently, you should also ask yourself whether you want the lease agreement to be reflected in your balance sheet. This choice is determined, among other things, by indicating whether or not you wish to own the machine/machines. In addition, it is important to have a proper understanding of your current financial situation.

One of our employees can personally inform you which lease type is most suitable to your specific financial circumstances. Leasing, after all, involves tailor-made solutions, since your business circumstances are different from those of your fellow entrepreneurs. Click here to contact our lease department.

Full operational lease

A Full Operational Lease is a form of financing whereby you are ensured of the long-term use of an object at a monthly amount agreed in advance. The monthly amount is based on your use of the equipment during the agreed contract term. This means that the costs for the use of the object are the same each month. This provides you with a good insight into your operating costs. The agreed monthly rate includes the maintenance expenses and third-party liability insurance. Another possibility is to agree on a hull and machinery insurance cover. At the end of the lease contract you do not acquire the right of ownership of the machine.

Netto operational lease

A Net Operational Lease is a form of financing which entails that, similar to Full Operational Lease, you acquire the right to use an object for a predetermined period of time. The difference between Net and Full Operational Lease is that with Net Operational Lease you acquire the right of first refusal for an amount agreed in advance. In addition, the maintenance is not included and we will invoice the costs of maintenance or malfunctions to you separately. The object will not be your property until after payment of a predetermined selling price. Similar to a Full Operational Lease, the object is not reflected in your balance sheet.

Financial lease

The Financial Lease is a lease type through which you obtain right of ownership of the object after payment of the final instalment. In principle, you pay off the object in full during the term. Maintenance and Insurance are not included in the monthly amount and we will invoice maintenance to you separately. This lease type is reflected in your balance sheet and, additionally, you will have to depreciate the object. This means that you bear the economic risk.