In addition to a fast delivery of rental machines, mateco has yet another strong quality: we provide good service. mateco has branch offices in Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Goes, Veghel and Zwolle. Rental clients can contact the nearest office for the fastest service. Every branch office has a head of technical service with outdoor and indoor mechanics, allowing us to provide repair and maintenance services both on the road and in the various workshops. Due to the broad range of brands and types of machines that we carry (ranging from hand pallet trucks to reach stackers), mateco's mechanics are highly versatile. Training by manufacturers and training via the ROVC institute offer a significant contribution to this versatility.

From the main warehouse in Rotterdam, we supply all our branch offices including the service cars. The service cars mainly carry parts that, in our experience, have a higher rate of malfunction than other parts. If the part is not at hand, it is either at the main warehouse or at the branch office. Our computer system informs us exactly of the stock levels at each warehouse or branch office, and which orders have been placed. In case of urgency we buy the required part directly from a local supplier or we send a courier.

An important aspect of our service is that in case of any problems, we will almost always solve the problem at your business site on the same day. Might we fail in offering this quick service, we offer the possibility of replacing the machine.

Inspection and Organisation

mateco inspects its equipment (e.g. SGS and BMWT) at least once a year and does maintenance on set times to avoid any malfunctioning. The company’s office in Rotterdam arranges these inspections while at the same acting as a knowledge base for our own people, and of course, our clients.

Due to our good contacts with most manufacturers and organizations we can place our legal questions with the right people, enabling us to provide feedback on a short term, either solving problems or providing solutions to any possible problems.


Clients with machines of their own can always ask mateco to inspect or repair a machine. If so, we prefer to look at the machine first and discuss the best plan of action afterwards (for example either to make an offer first, directly at the client’s location or at our workshop).

In this way the client will roughly know what to expect, although a repair can always contain unexpected issues. In case of bigger amounts, we will always keep the client informed, preventing any surprises upon receipt of the invoice.


Our warehouse is supplied with all fast-selling brand parts of Manitou, Genie, Grove, Toyota and Jlg. By means of type and serial number the specific parts can be adequately selected and delivered to you.

If the requested part is not in stock, the warehouse can order the part and have it in stock the following day. Another possibility is to deliver the part to you directly.

Apart from parts by famous manufacturers, the warehouse has parts that pertain to other renowned manufacturers as well, such as Linde and Still.

At the same time, the warehouse has the disposal of an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) product range. These items have a broad program of indispensable parts such as windscreen wiper blades, v-belts, filters, lighting parts etc.

For more information you can contact one of our warehouse employees: