Rough terrain forklifts / Gators rental

Rough terrain forklifts / Gators

TypeManufacturerWorking HeightCapacityTransport dimensionsSeats
Buggie 3.7 m2.5 t4.34 t0 Request
Buggie grasbanden 3.7 m2.5 t4.34 t0 Request
M30-45.5 m3 t5.72 t0PDF Request
M30-4 grasbanden 5.5 m3 t5.72 t0 Request
M50-45.5 m5 t7.75 t0PDF Request
M50-4 grasbanden 5.5 m5 t7.75 t0 Request
Melchron2210 Kioti0 m0 Request
Gator XUV 855D S4 John Deere0 m4 Request

* indoor use

** jacked

*** machine needs to be extended

**** width of the machine with the platform disassembled