Spider lifts rental

Due to their compact size and a frame mounted on tracks, our spider lifts are suitable for use on different types of surfaces; including terrain where ground pressure cannot be high. Because of the diesel-powered engine, spider lifts are ideal for outdoor use, for example in gardens. For indoor use, like in shopping malls, airports, etc. the spider lifts can run on electricity. Passing narrow doors, working on steep slopes or on stairs are no obstacle for our spider lifts.

Do you need advice to help you choose the best spider lift for the job? Please use the rental assistant or contact us.

Type Working Height Capacity Transport dimensions
maxmax Length Width Weight
LEO15GT ***** 14.90 m 200 kg 4.71 m 0.78 m 1970 kg PDF Request
X17J PLUS 17.06 m 230 kg 3.90 m 0.80 m 2230 kg PDF Request
LEO18GT ***** 17.90 m 200 kg 4.71 m 0.78 m 2330 kg PDF Request
X20J PLUS 20.05 m 230 kg 4.40 m 0.80 m 2840 kg PDF Request
LEO21GT 21.00 m 250 kg 6.35 m 0.98 m 2950 kg PDF Request
LEO23GT 23.00 m 200 kg 6.20 m 0.98 m 3100 kg PDF Request
LEO30T 30.00 m 200 kg 7.17 m 1.58 m 4240 kg PDF Request
LEO35T 35.00 m 250 kg 7.50 m 1.58 m 6000 kg PDF Request
LEO36T 35.50 m 200 kg 8.10 m 1.58 m 4850 kg PDF Request

* indoor use

** jacked

*** machine needs to be extended

**** width of the machine with the platform disassembled