Spider lifts rental

Spider lifts

TypeWorking HeightCapacityTransport dimensions
LEO15GT *****14.9 m200 kg4.71 m0.78 m1.97 tPDF Request
LEO18GT *****17.9 m200 kg4.71 m0.78 m2.33 tPDF Request
LEO21GT21 m250 kg6.35 m0.98 m2.95 tPDF Request
LEO23GT23 m200 kg6.2 m0.98 m3.1 tPDF Request
LEO25T25 m200 kg7.22 m1.78 m2.98 tPDF Request
LEO30T30 m200 kg7.17 m1.58 m4.24 tPDF Request
LEO35T35 m250 kg7.5 m1.58 m6 tPDF Request
LEO36T35.5 m200 kg8.1 m1.58 m4.85 tPDF Request

* indoor use

** jacked

*** machine needs to be extended

**** width of the machine with the platform disassembled