Rental low level access

Due to their compact size and a frame mounted on tracks, our spider lifts are suitable for use on different types of surfaces; including terrain where ground pressure cannot be high. Because of the diesel-powered engine, spider lifts are ideal for outdoor use, for example in gardens. For indoor use, like in shopping malls, airports, etc. the spider lifts can run on electricity. Passing narrow doors, working on steep slopes or on stairs are no obstacle for our spider lifts.

Do you need advice to help you choose the best Low level access equipment for the job? Please use the rental assistant or contact us.

TypeWorking HeightCapacityTransport dimensions
Peco *3.50 m150 kg0.98 m0.70 m180 kgPDF Request
Peco Plus *3.50 m150 kg0.98 m0.70 m180 kgPDF Request
Eco *4.20 m150 kg1.28 m0.70 m305 kgPDF Request
TypeWorking HeightCapacityTransport dimensions
Nano SP4.50 m200 kg1.20 m0.75 m478 kgPDF Request
Leonardi Bravi4.90 m180 kg1.19 m0.74 m555 kgPDF Request
1230ES *5.50 m227 kg1.36 m0.76 m790 kgPDF Request
GRC12 *5.66 m227 kg1.37 m0.80 m1064 kgPDF Request

* indoor use