BMWT/TÜV Training Aerial work platfrom – Working safely with an aerial work platform

Advantages of the BMWT Training

Safely positioning the aerial work platform. To gain an insight in the (im)possibilities of the different types of aerial work platforms, resulting in an increased efficiency. This training is given at a Gunco branch or in-company


All employees whose job requires them to operate an aerial work platform. All job preparators (employers) who have to be able to assess what the risks of working with an aerial work platform are and take appropriate actions for this.


Any prior knowledge of aerial work platforms is an advantage, but not a requirement.

PRACTICAL INFO – training process

For participants with (some) experience the duration of the training is 1 day. In the morning theory about:

  • Types of aerial work platforms and their differences
  • Occupational health and safety legislation
  • Operational conditions
  • Safety functions and daily inspection
  • Evaluation exam

After the lunch there is the practice, for which one aerial work platform is available per 2 participants. The practical part is also concluded with an exam.


Both the theoretical part (in the morning) and the practical part (in the afternoon) are concluded by means of an exam.


If the course member passes both exams, then he or she will be sent a certificate.


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