Scissorlifts rental

In our wide range we have both electric and diesel scissor lifts, in all kinds and sizes and suitable in different situations. Scissor lifts are compact and therefore they are convenient for narrow sites. On top of that, scissor lifts are ideal when a high capacity or bigger platform is needed. We offer the following scissor lifts in our range:

  • Electrically powered scissor lifts; suitable for indoor use
  • Rough terrain scissor lifts
  • Fully powered scissor lifts

Do you need advice to help you choose the right scissor lift for the job? Please use the rental assistant or contact us.

TypeWorking HeightCapacityTransport dimensions
1330m5.90 m227 kg1.41 m0.78 m885 kgPDF Request
15326.60 m272 kg1.83 m0.82 m1238 kgPDF Request
19327.80 m227 kg1.83 m0.82 m1516 kgPDF Request
20328.00 m363 kg2.44 m0.81 m2024 kgPDF Request
20468.00 m454 kg2.44 m1.17 m1961 kgPDF Request
2632 *9.90 m227 kg2.44 m0.81 m1950 kgPDF Request
26469.90 m454 kg2.41 m1.17 m2447 kgPDF Request
26699.90 m680 kg3.12 m1.75 m3442 kgPDF Request
3232 */**11.75 m227 kg2.44 m0.81 m2352 kgPDF Request
324611.75 m318 kg2.44 m1.17 m2800 kgPDF Request
3369LE11.90 m450 kg3.10 m1.75 m4600 kgPDF Request
105EL12 plus *12.70 m650 kg3.34 m1.19 m4780 kgPDF Request
105EL16 plus12.70 m650 kg3.34 m1.56 m4920 kgPDF Request
4047 *13.75 m350 kg2.44 m1.19 m3221 kgPDF Request
4069DC14.12 m363 kg3.76 m1.75 m4810 kgPDF Request
HL160E2015.70 m750 kg4.07 m1.85 m7760 kgPDF Request
Q135EL2415.50 m750 kg4.64 m2.47 m7590 kgPDF Request
N165EL12 *18.50 m500 kg3.74 m1.20 m7985 kgPDF Request
HL190E2018.60 m550 kg4.07 m1.85 m8660 kgPDF Request
N195EL12 *21.30 m500 kg3.74 m1.20 m9120 kgPDF Request
HL220E25 SE21.70 m750 kg4.50 m2.30 m11670 kgPDF Request
HL220E12 SE21.70 m500 kg3.74 m1.20 m9120 kgPDF Request
PB S225-12 ES SE**22.50 m450 kg4.49 m1.22 m10290 kgPDF Request
PB S275-14 ES SE*/**27.50 m900 kg8.40 m1.40 m20000 kgPDF Request
HL275E25 SE27.50 m1.0 t6.57 m2.65 m23.98 kgPDF Request
HL285E13 4WDS/N SE **28.20 m750 kg5.60 m1.32 m19.37 kgPDF Request
HL285E13 4WDS SE*/**28.20 m750 kg5.21 m1.30 m19370 kgPDF Request
PB S320-14 ES SE*/**32.00 m750 kg8.40 m1.40 m22000 kgPDF Request
HL330E14 SE**33.00 m600 kg6.60 m1.40 m24000 kgPDF Request
TypeWorking HeightCapacityTransport dimensions
2668RT9.80 m567 kg2.67 m1.73 m2971 kgPDF Request
2669RT**9.80 m680 kg3.76 m1.75 m3406 kgPDF Request
3369RT **11.75 m454 kg3.76 m1.75 m3980 kgPDF Request
3390RT **12.10 m1.1 t4.88 m2.29 m6862 kgPDF Request
4069RT **14.20 m363 kg3.76 m1.75 m4755 kgPDF Request
4390RT **15.10 m680 kg4.88 m2.29 m7291 kgPDF Request
5390RT **18.10 m650 kg4.88 m2.29 m8938 kgPDF Request
B195DL25 **21.50 m500 kg4.84 m2.44 m12280 kgPDF Request
T-210DL25 **22.80 m1.0 t5.58 m2.49 m17950 kgPDF Request
M250DL25 **27.00 m1.0 t6.57 m2.65 m21910 kgPDF Request
HL275D27**27.20 m1.0 t6.57 m2.65 m21.91 kgPDF Request
G320DL30 4WDS/NSE**33.70 m1.0 t7.02 m2.98 m31200 kgPDF Request
SL320-30 4WD SP SE**34.00 m1.4 t8.40 m3.00 m39800 kgPDF Request
TypeWorking HeightCapacityTransport dimensions
XZ65DL22TR8.50 m750 kg4.84 m2.44 m6540 kgPDF Request
TS10510.50 m500 kg3.00 m1.60 m4400 kgPDF Request

* indoor use

** jacked