Rental of telescopic boom lifts

We offer telescopic boom lifts that will lift you higher. Telescopic boom lifts have an extendable arm, which helps you to reach difficult places. We also offer fully powered telescopic boom lifts in our rental fleet, for difficult terrain. It is also a possibility to rent a telescopic boom lift with a 4 meter platform.

Do you need advice to help you choose the best telescopic boom lift for the job? Please use the rental assistant or contact us.

TypeWorking HeightCapacityTransport dimensions
S4014.20 m227 kg7.39 m2.30 m5657 kgPDF Request
S4515.70 m227 kg6.80 m2.30 m7149 kgPDF Request
S45 XC (Xtra Cap.)15.56 m454 kg9.47 m2.49 m7394 kgPDF Request
S6020.20 m227 kg8.51 m2.49 m9401 kgPDF Request
S6521.80 m227 kg7.60 m2.49 m10430 kgPDF Request
S65 XC (Xtra Cap.)21.81 m454 kg9.80 m2.49 m11412 kgPDF Request
SP21AJ22.90 m227 kg11.57 m2.43 m14300 kgPDF Request
280TJ27.75 m350 kg11.35 m2.43 m16500 kgPDF Request
S85XC (Xtra Cap.)27.91 m454 kg12.37 m2.49 m17917 kgPDF Request
S8528.10 m227 kg12.20 m2.50 m17549 kgPDF Request
S105 ***34.00 m227 kg14.02 m3.35 m18144 kgPDF Request
S125 ***40.00 m227 kg14.25 m3.35 m20248 kgPDF Request
SX125XC (Xtra Cap.)40.10 m454 kg14.25 m3.94 m20700 kgPDF Request
1350SJP ***43.05 m454 kg11.68 m3.80 m20140 kgPDF Request
SX135XC SE ***43.15 m454 kg19.76 m3.94 m21546 kgPDF Request
1500SJ SE ***47.50 m454 kg18.82 m3.81 m21772 kgPDF Request
SX150 SE ***48.02 m340 kg16.18 m5.03 m24997 kgPDF Request
SX180 SE ***56.80 m340 kg14.33 m5.03 m24494 kgPDF Request
1850SJ SE ***58.56 m454 kg14.57 m5.03 m27184 kgPDF Request
TypeWorking HeightCapacityTransport dimensions
HX99B-211.60 m200 kg5.25 m2.00 m5400 kgPDF Request
SR12B14.00 m250 kg6.33 m2.30 m7650 kgPDF Request
S45 Trax15.70 m227 kg6.80 m2.31 m7927 kgPDF Request
SR18A20.00 m227 kg9.17 m2.46 m12800 kgPDF Request
S65 Trax21.80 m227 kg9.50 m2.59 m12254 kgPDF Request
SR21A22.70 m227 kg10.15 m2.46 m14900 kgPDF Request

Telescopic boom lifts, platform 4 meters

TypeWorking HeightCapacityTransport dimensions
SP14CJ13.90 m325 kg7.56 m2.30 m8200 kgPDF Request
AW210SX20.90 m1.0 t6.89 m2.49 m12900 kgPDF Request
680S22.63 m230 kg12.23 m2.49 m15950 kgPDF Request

* Available in Q2 2020

*** machine needs to be extended